Heart attacks are caused by blocked arteries. Wet basements are caused by blocked weeping tile. With NOAHS jet flushing system we clean out your blocked weeping tile with our special engineered power washing system called jet flushing. This disruptive system cleans out your weeping tile without the necessity of digging them up completely around the house at an 80 to 90% reduction in the price for outside foundation waterproofing.

NOAHS Jet-Flushing system has been 100% successful over seven years where existing weeping tile do not have to be removed. This system corrects any existing system by power washing existing weeping tile and provide the necessary venting with our prevention vents that now supply the proper venturi action when weeping tile are clear are  free flowing. By applying and installing the principles of fluid dynamics existing weeping tile can now perform and drain properly better than the original system.

With NOAHS Jet-Flushing System it is no longer necessary to squander $16-$25,000 on expensive labour to gig out the complete foundation of an average house when jet-Flushing can achieve better results for under $3000!This system also provides a sales feature where your weeping tile are not only vented but the vents provide access for future service just like your ability to clean out your eaves troughs…… happy past customers have confirmed this feature after selling their homes with a dry basement.

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