Noah’s waterproofing uses proper certified waterproofing membrane and the most important membrane is our exclusive insulating membrane which clearly stops heat from our basement installations. This means with Noahs waterproofing system completely stops heat loss through your basement walls forever. Heat loss from a normal basement can represent up to 30% of your total heating bill and in newer homes up to 50% regardless of the R- factors above grade. Noah’s system uses the principle of the EMISSIVITY which reflects total heat loss unlike incumbent competitive foam insulation that resists heat loss as long as it stays completely dry. Once foam insulation absorbs moisture it’s R factor can be totally reduced to zero.

Noahs system uses two waterproofing membranes which prevents 100% of any water pressure from penetrating through our membranes and into your basement for as long as you own at that basement. Over these two waterproofing membranes we apply our reflective insulating membrane and for protection, drainage and venting. When backfilling we completely powered tap all backfill.

Exclusive to know was system is we provide coupled into the new weeping tile complete with a filter Sock two prevention vents that provide complete venting to this clean water waste, which provides a venturi action that completely sucks all surrounding water and hydrostatic pressure into the weeping tile to provide 100% free flowing drainage. Our prevention vents now provide not only continuous venting in addition to providing for any future service of the complete weeping tiles any time in the future.

Only Noahs waterproofing system (copyright) provides:

1. Certified waterproofing membranes as opposed to archaic tar applications used by incumbent competitors used for years and are completely resistant to use of proper waterproofing membranes.

2. Our exclusive water and moisture resistant reflective insulating membrane (RIM) provides insulation that reduces complete heat loss from all basements.

3. Our exclusive Prevention Vents ensure complete Venturi action throughout the complete weeping tile system and will provide access to any service necessary at any time in the future.

4. All of the above are adhered to the basement foundation without the leaking potential of nails.

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