Waterproofing Technology

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NOAHS Waterproofing and Prevention System A.K.A. NOAHS Basement Systems includes (but is not limited to) the following specialties and services:

NOAHS Patented JET-FLUSH Technology

Waterproofing Basement Insulation Foil

NOAHS All-Natural Basement MOULD

NOAHS Proprietary Certified
6-Layer Synthetic Membrane
Waterproofing Technology

NOAHS Patented Jet-Flush Technology is borrowed straight from the articles of city sanitation inventions. A specially machined water shooting jet head takes water flowing from a pressurized pump and shoots it through a long tube of pressurized capacity. The hose is inserted into a specially constructed VENTILATION SHAFT. The vent shaft assumes entry of the hose and allows the jet head into the already present weeping tile at the foot of your basement foundation. The head pulsates and pushes its way through the weeping tile, effectively pressure washing the inside of your homes natural drainage system. The entire drainage tile is effectively refurbished and reconditioned to re-allow storm-water to flow effectively to city drains and recreate the suction necessary during thunderstorms to draw flood water AWAY from house and prevent water buildup and leakage,

NOAHS Certified Heat Loss Prevention Foil / Membrane is a specialized, certified, infra-red reflecting breakthrough in waterproofing insulation technology. Basically the reflective foil membrane pushes infra-red radiation back from the outside, keeping the house cool during summer months and away from the internal walls, effectively keeping heat IN during winter months.

NOAHS Basement Mould Removal System: This specialized service of technologically enhanced mould detection and all-natural removal will allow even the minutest amount of mould to be detected and removed without the use of hazardous chemicals or biologically abusive cleaners. Trust NOAHS today!

NOAHS Proprietary Certified 6 Layer Membrane Waterproofing is certainly, without a doubt, no holds barred, the most complete, effective basement waterproofing system on the market EVER! Using 6 layers of certified membrane technology, The NOAHS Brand Waterproofing allows for effective air flow, absolutely guaranteed waterproofing and waterproofing guaranteed up to depths of 40 feet directly submerged in water. In addition to absolute waterproofing power, this system is guaranteed for the LIFETIME OF YOUR HOME! Absolutely. Every time. No dissatisfied customers.

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